Saturday, 31 January 2015


I'm not usually one to go for glow enhancing products, as I have combo skin and things can sometimes look a bit TOO shiny. However, I do have a few cream products that I love but don't get enough use out of, so I thought I'd share them with you as I try to include them into my makeup routine more.

1. Cream Blushes

To be honest, before trying out cream blushes, I thought I'd HATE them. In my mind they were these slippery products that wouldn't last more than an hour or two on my skin. However, after making my first purchase I'm glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The two I love are: Topshop's Head Over Heels (£7.00), a lovely coral color that has a cream to powder finish (I know that can sound like a weird concept, but believe me if you swatch this you'll understand; and & Other Stories' True Bias Fuschia (£12.00), a gorgeous bright pink that instantly wakes up your face without having any glitter in it - although this one is definitely more of a true cream finish. Both are swatched below, both full on and blended out.

Left to Right: Watt's Up, Head Over Heels, True Bias Fuschia 

2. Cream Highlighters

I never used any kind of highlighters before this past year, let alone CREAM highlighters. However, ever since getting into them I often find that my makeup look is missing that last step without some sheen on my (non existent) cheekbones. While I was in the US I used some Sephora points on a mini sample size of Benefit's Watt's Up (£24.50) to see what all the hype is about, and I'm am so glad that i did. It blends out beautifully and gives such a glow to the face, i caught myself doing a double take at the mirror to admire the effect it gave. If you haven't tried any cream highlighters before, i'd definitely recommend checking this out, and since you only need a tiny bit at a time it's well worth the price.

I'd love to hear what are some of your favorite glow enhancing products for your skin types, and whether you think I should check anything out.


  1. You don't need any glow enhancing products 'cause you're naturally radiant.

  2. I actually haven't tried any cream highlighter or blushers, I feel like I'm missing out because I've heard about so many amazing ones on blogs and YouTube, definitely need to some, especially blushers!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yess you should definitely give them a go. The Topshop cream blushes are great ones to start with :)!

  3. i have such oily skin, it's awful but i absolutely love watt's up!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Yeah I definitely think gal's with oily skin shouldn't be scared to try highlighters :)