Saturday, 10 October 2015


I have been watching/on youtube for a good couple of years now, and one of the first 'beauty gurus' I ever subscribed to was Fleur de Force. I feel like throughout the years she has only been getting better, so when she announced the release of her makeup range it's safe to say I was excited. Here are some swatches of the items I decided to try from her range.

Eyeshadow Quad in Cosmic Bronze (£7.99)
The two colors she released for her eyeshadow quads looked lovely, but I opted to go for the more bronzey one as that's what I use on a daily basis. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the eyeshadows were, especially the matte dark brown color. None of them are chalky at all, and the shimmers don't have too much chunk in them. I'm not the biggest fan of the top right medium brown color, but that's just because it's quite close to my coloring, so it hardly looks like theres something there. It makes a good transition color, but would be perfect if it was a tad darker. My favorite has to be the bottom left shimmery bronze/taupe. It's so beautiful all over the eyelids, and with my favorite Nars primer it stays on all day. The highlight color is also beautiful in the inner corners. I'd definitely recommend this if you are a beginner that wants to start wearing eyeshadow as the formula is easy to work with, or if you're looking for a good everyday quad.

Lipgloss in Starry Starry Night and Written in the Stars (£6.99)
I am usually not the biggest lipgloss person, but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE these. The colors are super duper pigmented, and last surprisingly well. I wore Starry Starry Night (which is a GORGEOUS color, btw) for 4-5 hours before having lunch and needing to top it up, and even then there was still some color left behind. The formula is quite thick, but in a good way, and leave your lips feeling well moisturized rather than gross and sticky. Written in the Stars is more of an everyday dusky rose than it looks in the photo above, the lighting makes it look quite peach but it's definitely not. If you were to only try out one thing from the range, I'd go for the lip-glosses for sure. 

Side note: I also got the makeup bag, which I forgot to photograph. It's also gorgeous and very well made, and I love the rose gold details and lilac interior of it.

Let me know if you've tried anything from the range, and what you're hoping to see more of. I'd love to see her expand into more variety of products such as blushes and lipsticks in the future!


  1. I am not into lipgloss either but I do have to admit that they look very pretty! I haven't try her range , I am not sure if I will but who knows. :)

    1. They're worth checking out if you ever decide to make a feelunique order :)

  2. that eye shadow palette is gorgeous! love the shades

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