Saturday, 11 April 2015


I'm never usually one to layer my mascaras. Most of the time I find it unnecessary as there are lots of great mascaras in the market that can give you whatever lash look you're going for, and I'm usually too lazy to add that one extra step. That being said, I have found a combo recently that I've been loving, and even thought it takes a teeny bit longer than usual, it gives me amazing lashes.

The duo I'm talking about is Max Factor's False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara (£11.99) and Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast Collagen Coat (£10.50). Both of these are very affordable drugstore mascaras that are nice on their own, but nothing special. I usually go for the max factor one when I want natural looking lashes as it's good at separation and lengthening, whereas I find the S&G one better for thick lashes. Like I said, both are good on their own but very forgettable. That is until I decided to try putting them together. I applied the Max factor one first, followed by S&G, and was I amazed. Since they both give different effects on their own, I was afraid they'd clump up together, but the complete opposite happened. One filled the 'weak spots' of the other mascara, and I had full, long, fluttery, non-clumpy lashes that didn't feel heavy on my eyes. They don't flake or smudge on me, stay put all day, and are still easy to remove with a cleanser at the end of the night.

Even if layering mascaras is not your thing, it's still not mine, I'd recommend trying out two in your stash that you think might work well together. You know what they say, sometimes two is better than one.

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