Saturday, 20 December 2014


Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, £40.00 30ml

I am not an adventurous perfume person. I have discovered a few perfumes that I love, and have never really felt the need to branch out from there. That being said, when the new Jo Malone perfume came out I was very intrigued. After seeing it all around the blogosphere I decided to give it a sniff the next time I was out, and boy was I happy I did. Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrance is one of the most interesting perfumes I own, and possibly ever sniffed. It smells exactly like you'd expect - a salty breeze on a cool beach day. Something about the warm earthy tones of the perfume feels very nostalgic to me, and it makes me happy every time I spritz it on. If you think that this is a scent you'd like, I definitely recommend going in store to check it out, or maybe even some of their other fragrances as they have a huge selection to suit anyone's taste. It's also perfect to put on a christmas or birthday list f it's a little out of your price range. I'm definitely going to repurchase it in a larger size once I run out of this one.

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