Saturday, 25 October 2014


I am a big Lush fan. From their bath bombs to their skincare to their haircare, i like it all. I've recently gotten through a few of their products, so here are some of my thoughts.
I liked this product but didn't absolutely love it. Great value for money as you only need a few spritz and the bottle will last you a good couple of months. I used it as my second toner morning and night, after my Pixi Glow Tonic to add extra hydration. It worked pretty well but didn't do any wonders for my skin. I have the Tea Tree toner lined up next to try as i know everybody loves it to combat spots, so i'll let you know what i think of it once i get through the bottle.
I wasn't the biggest fan of this body wash. I found the grapefruit smell to be a bit too strong, but it did the job and didn't irritate my skin. You also don't need a lot to build up a lather which is good. However, i don't think i'll be repurchasing it given that i don't love the scent.
I really did not like this. It was super slippery and awkward to use, and the scent wasn't my favorite either. I tried to break it into smaller pieces to make it easier to use, but that just made matters worse. Safe to say, i definitely won't be repurchasing any kind of shower jelly.
I absolutely loved this product. Even though it was a bit hard to use since you have to scoop it out, it worked GREAT for my curly hair. The texture is really interesting since it has actual coconut bits in it, but i think that helped with the curls. It also smelt amazing. I'll definitely be picking this up again, i just wish it had a matching conditioner!

Retread Conditioner, £10.75 for 245g
I also loved this product. It smells like soya, which was odd at first but i grew to love. The texture is so light and smooth, but it does a great job at moisturizing my ends. The only downfall is i feel like i had to use quite a lot to get the moisture i wanted, and i don't have thick hair at all. Other than that though it was great, and i'll probably be repurchasing it sometime in the future.

Let me know what some of your favorite Lush products are, and what i should try next :)

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